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CORTECO was founded in 1932 in the suburbs of Turin, Italy. The name of the Company consists of two surnames of the families that founded it: the Corte and Cosso families. In 1996, Corteco became part of the world famous FREUDENBERG Group. The concern has more than 60 factories around the world: Germany, France, Italy, Spain, England, Sweden, Austria, Mexico, USA, Brazil, Japan. Products are supplied to all major conveyors of car manufacturers directly from factories.

The Freudenberg Group is a leading original equipment manufacturer with approximately 37,000 employees in 58 countries. Independent technical centers use CORTECO spare parts, trusting in the quality of the production of the Fruedenberg Group.

Currently, over 18,000 references support CORTECO's position as one of the leading companies in the independent aftermarket. CORTECO supplies spare parts and repair kits worldwide, to five European and four non-European destinations, with renowned brands such as Simmerring and Transtec.

The CORTECO range contains automotive parts in the field of sealing and vibration control technology, as well as rep. kits. As mentioned above, the CORTECO range is one of the largest in the independent aftermarket, with over 18,000 products in original and equivalent quality.

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