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PETROFER is a German company that offers its customers more than 600 types of industrial petroleum and chemical products reflecting the latest research and development.

The excellence achieved by PETROFER Products today is the result of years of intensive research at the PETROFER GmbH R&D center in Hildesheim, Germany.

Metalworking and forming oils for the steel and aluminum industry, industrial oils, cleaning chemicals, rust and corrosion protection products, non-flammable hydraulic fluids, chemicals for the production of cleaning paper, etc. PETROFER plays an important role for the industry.

Awareness of the environment and the importance given to human health are among the most basic principles that PETROFER has followed since its establishment. The environmental compatibility of PETROFER products developed as a result of close cooperation with leading European research institutes and industry experts makes the company a leader in world markets.

Manufacturing investments in the world's leading industrial organizations, its multinational associations and distribution network have enabled PETROFER to meet its international needs worldwide.

Within the scope of Customer Relationship Management, PETROFER develops its products according to market conditions and customer requirements, produces instant solutions to your problems related to all types of oils, chemicals and processes with its chemists and engineers.

PETROFER products; It is produced in the most advanced production facilities in Izmir, under the guarantee of compliance with ISO 9001 Quality Assurance, ISO 14001 Environmental Management, OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety and TS ISO 17025 Laboratory Management Systems, under the guarantee of international standards.

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