Best Bearings Company

TMB (Tianma Bearing Ltd.) was established in 2001 in China. To date, Tianma Bearing Ltd. (TMB) is one of the top ten bearing manufacturers in China. TMB owns advanced ring cold rolling technology and high precision equipment. In bearing series such as cylindrical roller bearings, the factory owns the largest market share in China. And the quality of railway bearings is recognized as the best in China. TMB also specializes in high precision bearings using its strong experience in CNC machine tool manufacturing.

The company has six production plants in Hangzhou, Beijing, Chengdu, Qiqihar, Guizhou, Huzhou and other places. The number of employees producing TMB bearings is about 10,000 people, although the history of the company began with 20 people, each of whom sat at the machine himself. Through continuous supply of high quality, energy saving, environmentally friendly products, TMB has become one of the most reliable bearing suppliers. TMB bearings are used in aerospace, aviation, railway, wind power, nuclear power, automotive, shipbuilding, marine engineering and other major sectors of China's national economy. TMB products are widely exported to Europe, Japan and other foreign markets.